Top-10 Countdowns

Join us on a countdown of the incredible, the bizarre, the good and the bad in F1!

Top-10 Almighty Accidents the drivers walked away from
We rank the ten biggest F1 crashes that drivers have walked away from – CLICK HERE!
Top-10 Australian F1 Connections
So who are the ten most influential Australians in Formula 1? CLICK HERE to find out!
So what are the worst cars to have graced F1? CLICK HERE for the biggest offenders!
Top-10 Collisions with your Team-Mate
Colliding with your team-mate is a heinous crime in F1. CLICK HERE for the worst offences!
Top-10 F1 Felons
Crime in motorsport? CLICK HERE to learn more about F1’s greatest felons! (NEW)
Top-10 Last-Lap Wins
CLICK HERE to relive the best ever last-lap victories in the history of Formula 1!
Top-10 'And They Never Led a Lap'
CLICK HERE to meet the drivers with the longest F1 careers without ever leading a race!
Top-10 Pit Lane Blunders
CLICK HERE to read about the biggest pit lane stuff-ups in the history of Formula 1!
Top-10 Ugly Design Concepts
Sometimes F1 designers go a little crazy. CLICK HERE to see ten of the ugliest concepts in F1!
Top-10 Ugly F1 Liveries
CLICK HERE to see the most shockingly bad F1 liveries in the sport’s 60-year history!
Top-10 Serial Blue Flag Offenders
CLICK HERE for the top-ten ‘mobile chicanes’ in F1, those ignorant of waved blue flags
Top-10 Worst Corners in F1
CLICK HERE to see the ten worst corners in the history of Formula 1!
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