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Will the team’s star signing be on the move?

Robert Kubica is believed to be on the lookout for more information on Genii Capital, the firm to whom Renault has sold a majority shareholding. With the Pole already contracted to the Enstone outfit for 2010, his manager, Daniele Morelli, is keen to learn more of the team’s new owner.

"It’s a positive reaction but we have asked for more information," Morelli explained to BBC Sport. "We would like to know about Genii Capital and who is doing what in the team – a partner can be a sleeping partner or a controlling partner. The cards have changed in respect of when we signed and it’s important Renault give us full information."

Morelli was keen to stress, however, that the ownership change does not mean Kubica will automatically leave the team before the new season begins. "We are not against the new position, in principle, but it’s important to know who will run the team and what kind of strategies they will use," he continued. "It could be positive or negative.

With so few spots left available, where would Robert be able to secure a seat?

"We need some time – at least a few days – to evaluate the new situation, so I am not in a position to say we will leave or stay. Things may even be improved; I remember when McLaren were a ‘garage’ team and, with the entry of [TAG Heuer boss] Mansour Ojjeh, they became a top team – if this is the same thing, it’s a good solution.

"I don’t have sufficient information to judge the new partner but I must believe that Renault have researched their new partners because they have the responsibility of the Renault brand; I would imagine Renault has very strong guarantees about what the future will be and I don’t see any fundamental issue that creates a concern – our fundamental issue is that we have a car which performs. The concern is maybe that the situation has created a delay, because uncertainty can slow down the endeavours of the staff."

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