Kubica Renault R30 Slow

When you’re at the bottom of the timing sheets, the book of excuses and publicocrap starts to spew forth!

Robert Kubica is blaming the car playing down the importance of lap times after finishing the opening day of the Valencia test session in last place, with his Renault R29 R30 some 2.5s slower than Felipe Massa in the Ferrari.

"I don’t care about the times, the priority for today was different," he said. "Testing is not to be on top of the list.

"Last year the maximum fuel load was 60-70kg, so if someone was lighter the difference was about 30kg. This year you can find some cars running 30kg and some 150kg, which makes the gaps much bigger.

"It’s important to be where we should be when it counts, in Bahrain."

At the back of the field with Campos, then?

Original image via ITV-F1]

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