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Paddock laughing stock USF1 has reportedly applied to the FIA to defer its entry until the 2011 season, paving the way for Stefan GP to be granted the 13th team slot on the 2010 line-up.

The team had originally lodged a request to skip the first four races of the 2010 season.

USF1 has already scuppered a merger bid with the Serbian outfit; ostensibly to create one team from two. Stefan GP boss Zoran Stefanovic had confirmed that said discussions took place, but that the apparent arrogance of USF1’s co-founders Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor – still blindly treading the very deep water that is their current nightmare – blocked the talks from proceeding further. This was in spite of the team’s principal backer [YouTube founder[ Chad Hurley apparent enthusiasm to unite a team without a car to one without an entry.

This then led to the public outburst by Stefanovic, who stated on the team’s government-backed website that “the dreamers from the USA [who] are deliberately weakening F1, dreaming about a perfect world and fairytales of success” and suggesting the FIA would have “some trouble explaining what has happened to all of us” should Stefan GP not be an entry. While Stefanovic is understandably frustrated with the proceedings, such an outburst will do little to endear him to the F1 public at large, or the FIA – particularly when the latter holds the team’s fate in its hands.

According to SPEEDTV, USF1’s key figures have offered to bribe pay the FIA a “substantial, seven-figure” surety bond as evidence of their intention to compete in 2011. Quite what effect this will have is unclear…

FIA technical chief Charlie Whiting paid a visit to USF1’s headquarters to view the complete shambles. No doubt his report will be influential in determining if USF1 have a future at all…

The team is apparently still some two months away from having its first car ready. Its race team comprises of a team manager and a sole mechanic, with countless employees and suppliers awaiting overdue payment.

It still begs the question of how the team’s founders – both of whom have bucket loads of experience in F1 – have managed to so grossly underestimate the expense of getting an entry off the ground.

The entire project has been a complete fiasco. Someone get me my shotgun and I’ll put the more animal out of its misery myself.

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