1983 Season Review

The 1983 Formula 1 World Championship Official Season Review VHS is the FIA-approved review of the 1983 Formula 1 season.

The start of the season saw many teams faced with the new prospect of having to cope without ground effect cars, with the governing body moving to ban the use of sliding skirts after the 1982 season, thereby robbing the cars of some 50% of their downforce.

This 108-minute review provides all of the action and highlights from the entire 1983 season, allowing casual viewers and die-hard fans alike to relive the thrills and spills as Nelson Piquet made an impressive come-from-behind charge to snatch the Drivers’ Championship at the final hurdle from Alain Prost.

The footage selected for inclusion is excellent, and there is action aplenty across the fifteen rounds of the season.

A very good feature of the review is the commentary provided by Brian Kreisky, who – rather than narrate in a past-tense fashion common to many other season review videos and DVDs – describes the action real-time almost as if you were watching the race live. His excitement and enthusiasm certainly adds to the overall atmosphere of the season review footage.

In what is a first for these season reviews, the producers elected to make use of a co-commentator, Barbara Rosenblat. Quite why they made this decision I will never know, but to describe her as extremely annoying would be a gross understatement. Her strident, nasal tones are ill-suited to this media, and anyone with the gift of hearing will be inclined to agree with this sentiment. She interrupts frequently with crass puns and banal observations, and in spite of being told by Kreisky to shut up, she never does!

In summary:

  • HITS: Kreisky’s “real-time” amped commentary
  • MISSES: Rosenblat’s “really intrusive” banal commentary
  • BEST BITS: Between-race interviews – many conducted by Kreisky himself – with many of the grid’s drivers; Kreisky certainly isn’t afraid to ask the tricky questions or to offer criticism of the driver’ conduct where warranted!

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award the 1983 Formula 1 World Championship Official Season Review

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The 1983 Formula 1 World Championship Official Season Review is available via selected motorsport retailers and Amazon in VHS format only.

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