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And we were just starting to hope for peace in our times! Some things never change!

It looks like McLaren’s controversial new air vent – now dubbed the ‘F-duct’ in the paddock – is going to set off an arms race among the F1 teams if it isn’t protested to death by them first.

The FIA had earlier given the green light to the cheeky McLaren design, which allows the driver to block off air normally being deflected into their cockpit, to have it create a stalling effect for the car’s rear wing to give it up to an addition 10km/h down the straight.

While Red Bull and Ferrari were alleged to have lodged concerns with the FIA – rejected, as we know – Renault has now stepped up to the plate and criticised the FIA’s ruling, with understandable fears that it will lead to an arms race among the teams to get the part implemented on their car.

Renault’s managing director spoke with the BBC during the first practice session at the Bahrain GP, and wasn’t in the least bit complimentary about the system.

"It is fundamentally clear that the McLaren wing design is totally illegal – and they have driven a cart horse through the sprit of the rules and regulations.

"They have opened up another arms race; it’s going to cost everybody a lot of money. The governing body needs to be a lot stronger with these things.

"I think that it is ridiculous in this era where we are all trying to save money. We are restricted by the number of people that we can bring to the track, with mechanics working ridiculous hours at night to prepare the car.

"Now we have just opened another arms race that will cost us all a lot of money. It’s just a nonsense. I think the governing body needs to be more responsible in decisions like this."

And we couldn’t agree with you more, Bob!

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