… Former F1 driver and now-NASCAR peddler Max Papis!

The short-lived replacement for Gianni Morbidelli at Footwork in 1995 has just watched the Bahrain GP qualifying from the USA, and wrote the following on his Twitter feed:


“Watching F1 qualy (sic) it look pathetic to have cars on the back 9 second off the pace …NASCAR is definetly (sic) more fair and real.”


So, let me get this straight, Max … a series with almost completely homologated cars that predominantly runs on circuits where the drivers can only turn left is somehow more real than F1…

Furthermore, in your lengthy F1 career totalling seven Grands Prix for Footwork in 1995, you qualified an average of 5.335s off pole, and – might I add, were outqualified by your team-mate Taki Inoue on two occasions!

In our exclusive interview with Gianni Morbidelli, he described you as a “pay driver” who achieved “a few colourless results” during your brief stint as his replacement.

Didn’t your parents teach you it wasn’t a good idea to throw stones a glass houses?

Perhaps one should consider one’s own record in F1 before slagging the quality of the field currently on offer, Max!

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Richard Bailey

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