McLaren’s Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh believes more needs to be done in the form of immediate rule tweaks to spice up on-track action after some F1 figures felt the new rules didn’t deliver as exciting a race as had been hoped for in Bahrain.

He conceded that the opening round of the 2010 season lacked action and excitement, in spite of the raft of rule changes that includes a ban on mid-race refuelling.

Other figures, such as Michael Schumacher, reported that it was difficult to keep close to other rivals, which then affected their chances of being able to overtake the runners ahead of them.

Some of the suggestions proposed by Whitmarsh included mandating at least two pit stops during the race and making the tyre compounds have a higher degradation.

"We were one of three teams, that said we should have two mandatory pit stops because we were worried about [people] one-stopping,” he told the BBC.

Bahrain GP - Procession

"I think we have to re-examine that. But I think if we can now push on Bridgestone to have ‘racier’ tyres, we need a super-soft tyre that is really going to hurt if you take it to 20 laps. You shouldn’t be able to do that with a super-soft tyre and I think even the prime, if it’s a struggle to get it to do half a race distance, then you force [it].

"The tyres were much closer in the race than we expected and they determined the spectacle," he added. "There was no real serious degradation of the tyres, we started the roll of pit stops because we were trying to get ahead of [Nico] Rosberg and everyone started to come in at that point.

"But otherwise, just based on tyre degradation, we could have run to lap 25 or more on the super-soft tyres. If you can do that on the softest tyre, then the primes are just going to romp through for as long as you like."

Personally, I’m not in favour of mandating a set number of pit stops – if you want to see that effect, then watch the procession that is the DTM.

Making the tyres less durable – now that would be a solution…

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