The teams' association will meet on Tuesday following the 'Bore-Rain Grand Prix'

Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell is reporting that the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) – the group representing the F1 teams’ interests – will meet on Tuesday to discuss the issue of dull races, following the waves of criticism heaped upon the 2010 season-opening Bahrain GP.

The new refuelling ban has come under heavy criticism and been blamed for providing an apparent lack of on-track action, with several team owners, drivers and media figures calling for immediate rule changes to spice up the show.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was asked his opinion by The Times, and he believes the powers-that-be need to delay any swift decision-making until a few races into the season.

“There is no panic, no crisis for F1,” he said.

He added that having F1’s technical figures directly involved in the rule-making was a double-edged sword – while the teams desire more on-track action to improve the show, this also needs to be measured against their individual desire to ensure the rules benefit their teams the most.

"I tried to explain to them what our business is about — racing and entertaining the public, not about playing with computers and going fast over one lap.

"The problem is that you cannot really have teams in any shape or form having a part in the sporting or technical regulations. You cannot have the inmates writing the regulations,” Bernie added, before proposing that independent technical figures should be involved in shaping the rules in future.

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