After his manager did the honours when USF1 announced its expected pull-out of the 2010 Formula 1 season, the team’s jilted driver signing José María López has also lashed out at the team’s management after his F1 aspirations went up in smoke.

The Argentine (who was a former test driver for Renault) was confirmed as the team’s first pay driver in January, but later found himself in failed talks with Campos (now HRT) when it became clear that USF1 hadn’t a hope in hell of making the grid.

In a news conference hosted by Argentina’s Automobile Club, López  states he believes he was misled by the team’s management.

"I find it hard to say that we did it wrong. I think we put too much trust in what people were telling us.

"As soon as I arrived in Charlotte in February, I realised that everything they were saying was not true. They hid things from us."

Like the car and your money?

Nevertheless, José hopes to find a test driver role in the near future, and use this as a stepping stone to a full-time F1 drive.

"My idea is to go on, not just lay my head down. Everyone knows what has happened. We’re going to go on, even though we have no firm project.

"Of course it’s not the same anymore – there have been many falls and I don’t know how long my family and I can cope with it. Testing would now be the easiest thing because racing in F1 is almost impossible for me this year. I’ll have to be making decisions at some point soon."

Failing that, it’s back to Argentina’s touring car scene…!

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