Shades of Rubens Barrichello!

Lewis Hamilton is still upset about losing to Jenson Button the strategy call that saw him finish further down the order than he felt was possible at the Australian GP.

Now he’s going with the “win together, lose together” theory and dropped the McLaren team right in it by claiming that the Woking outfit cost itself a 1-2 finish by deciding to pit him for a second time during the race.

Someone is holding a serious grudge!

What a great way to endear yourself to the team, Lewis! Advantage: Button!

Team-mate Jenson Button, along with the other top-four finishers of Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso managed to complete the race on a single pit stop, managing to nurse their well-worn tyres for the remainder of the race.

Perhaps in a bid to shift the blame further from him, Lewis has now claimed that the decision to stop again was not his, and not even suggested by him, as he felt his rubber was in good shape while he set about challenging Robert Kubica for second place.

Then why did you pit, Lewis? Didn’t we talk about the need for you to think independently just a fortnight ago?

"My tyres were fine," he moaned. "I started off on a good set, got a good start, was up to a pretty good position, up to third, happy with everything and I was pulled in – I don’t know why I was pulled in.

"That is what lost us at least a one-two today. I think the tyres would have been pretty good. I may have struggled towards the end, but that is how the other guys did – and it was almost impossible to overtake a Ferrari anyway."

Then you should have stayed out, you Muppet! The best judge of the conditions and the tyres is always the driver in the cockpit – if you didn’t have the guts to back yourself, then at least have the guts to admit it now!

While seemingly quite keen to milk the victim mentality, he still needs to look forward to the next race in Malaysia, which takes place this weekend.

"We go forward to KL and hopefully we will get a good one," he added. "We look forward to the next race and hopefully we will have a better one – although I know our qualifying pace is not as fast as the others."

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