Lewis Hamilton has done the unthinkable among F1 drivers: he’s admitted that he made a mistake!

Fetch me the smelling salts, I going to faint in shock!

Hamilton apologises

During and following last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton moaned to all in sundry and slammed what he termed as the “freaking terrible decision” to have him make a second pit stop during the race, which cost him valuable track time and position and, he later complained, a McLaren 1-2.

Lewis told reporters that “the strategy was not right” and that he would identify who made the call to bring him in for another pit stop.

It would seem that Lewis is now singing a different tune…

It would seem that Lewis has had some time to gather his thoughts and reflect, and upon being given a colossal bollocking by speaking with the McLaren team management, he now understands the team’s strategy, and even publically acknowledged that he had been wrong to criticise the team.

"My heart was so into the race, my brain wasn’t in gear adrenalin was sky-rocketing and so you don’t always say the right things when you get out the car," said Hamilton.

"We’re a team and we win and lose together," Hamilton continued. "We took the decision and whether it was right or wrong doesn’t really matter."

So Lewis, was it a verbal or written warning from Martin Whitmarsh?

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