The Durango GP2 team has lodged an official entry application to the FIA for the vacant twelfth grid slot for the 2011 season.

This should be interesting!

The team is not participating in the series this year, and ended its 2009 campaign as a single-car team after a monster crash by one of its drivers at Eau Rouge in Spa Francorchamps.

The team withdrew from the final round of the 2009 GP2 season at Monza, and elected not to participate in the GP2 Asia championship, held during the F1 off-season.

What makes them think they’ll be able to give F1 a better fist of things when it seems they can barely operate a GP2 team?


Durango has been a midfield GP2 runner 

The CV of the outfit is hardly that of an impressive pedigree feeder-series team like Pacific or Forti – and do you remember how much of a mess their F1 tilt was? In its five seasons of competition since the inception of the GP2 championship, the team has racked up three wins, but never finished higher than 8th in the Teams’ Championship standings.

Somehow, the team has decided that it may as well have a crack at Formula 1!

Team boss Ivone Pinton explains: “After all the wrong things which happened last season, we tried our best to look for new partners for our racing activities.

"It did not take too long to understand that the interest arose for Formula 1 and nothing else; so we pushed towards that direction and I can say that, to enter F1, we can now enjoy having the backing of two very big international groups.”

And which groups might these be?

"So even keeping the feet on the ground, as we say in Italy – because up until now this is just a serious attempt – I like to consider that, after so many years spent pushing young drivers towards becoming future Champions, the time has now come to strongly push Durango as a team towards the pinnacle of motorsport."

I don’t wish to be cynical here, but is anyone actually buying this?

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