The FIA has taken the sensible stand of clarifying its position on systems that could modify a car’s ride height between qualifying and the race – by outlawing them!


As part of a fax issued to all eleven competing teams, the governing body stated that “any system device or procedure, the purpose and/or effect of which is to change the set-up of the suspension, while the car is under parc fermé conditions will be deemed to contravene Article 34.5 of the Sporting Regulations.”

This decision follows several weeks of jealousy muttering among other teams that Red Bull was allegedly running such a system to lower the car’s ride height before qualifying, giving it additional performance that would apparently contribute to its domination in all three qualifying sessions this season.

Despite having no concrete proof that Red Bull was indeed running such a system, McLaren sparked a potential spending war among rival teams by confirming it would press ahead with its version of the design concept. Red Bull responded in turn by stating that it would protest such a feature on any rival car.

At least the FIA has moved to a more sensible option than encouraging this to descend into a war between the teams!

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Richard Bailey

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