Rubens Barrichello – never a man known for holding back on giving his opinion – has come out to attack Lewis Hamilton over the Briton’s dangerous weaving along the main straight at last fortnight’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Hamilton was given a slap on the wrist with a feather issued with a warning by the FIA stewards after he weaved down the main straight to stop Renault’s Vitaly Petrov from re-passing him.

Rubens has criticised Hamilton for breaking the unwritten accord among the drivers that you should only change the racing line once in defence of your position.

"I don’t think this is the right thing to do," said Barrichello today. "When I saw it I was by myself watching the TV and I was quite critical of it. It he was beside me I would have given him some bollocking because it wasn’t right.

"There are arguments to cover that, to say that he was under acceleration, not in the braking area. There are so many things that they could come up with, but the drivers have an agreement, sort of an agreement, obviously a verbal agreement, nothing that has been signed, that you should move only once during the protection of your line.

"So that for me was a Formula Ford thing. It shouldn’t have been done, to be honest."

Petrov’s team-mate Robert Kubica also waded into the debate, and stated that he felt that Hamilton should have been issued with a penalty at Sepang – a move we would have happily supported – stating that the rules make that sort of breach pretty clear.

"Reading the regulations, I’m clear. Watching Malaysia, I’m not so clear," Robert said.

However, Kubica added that Hamilton was not the only driver at Sepang to be overly aggressive in defending their position from a rival.

"I think there were too many moves during that race – not only from one driver. I don’t think it was only one driver who did more than one move. It’s important that you don’t move when you are side by side.

"For example, in F3 or something like this there was no rule saying you are not able weave in a straight line. In F1 it looks like there is a rule.”

Care to comment, Lewis?

[Original image via Bruno Mantovani]

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