Lewis Hamilton’s popularity with his fellow drivers will no doubt have taken a hit, after he refused to accept that his actions at the Malaysian GP were in breach of the spirit of the rules.

Hamilton's weaving antics

In the wake of his weaving in front of Renault’s Vitaly Petrov at last fortnight’s Malaysian GP, several F1 drivers have made very clear their feelings that he should have been awarded an actual penalty instead of issued with a warning.

The drivers broached the issue during the usual drivers’ briefing with FIA race director Charlie Whiting, and are believed to have pushed for future similar incidents to warrant a drive-through penalty.

Hamilton, true to form, has refused to accept that he did anything wrong…

"My feeling is that if you are defending into a corner and you weave more than once, that is illegal, but I am not aware that trying to break the tow was illegal," he was quoted in the UK papers.

He also felt that his rivals were a little too fixated on the Petrov incident.

"Maybe they should raise Mark Webber’s incident in Melbourne. I didn’t raise that," said Hamilton, in reference to Australian’s clumsy collision with Lewis at the Australian GP.

Oh please, Lewis! The two incidents are miles apart!

Consider yourself lucky that your actions didn’t result in a collision. Had Petrov jinked the wrong way, there could have been a massive accident on the main straight.

[Original image via Bruno Mantovani]

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