Jarno Trulli is definitely in need of some improved fortunes!

Jarno Trulli Having experienced a troubling start to the 2010 season, where he has experienced the brunt of the mechanical problems with the Lotus T127 – and more surprisingly, been outpaced by team-mate Heikki Kovalainen – Jarno is hoping for a more productive Spanish Grand Prix next weekend.

The Barcelona race should mark a significant step forward for the Malaysian-owned team, which is scheduled to debut a host of upgrades to its 2010 challenger that it anticipates will bring about improved competitiveness with its rivals – the team’s Technical Director anticipates an improvement of around a second per lap.

"I knew it wouldn’t be easy [coming to Lotus from Toyota], obviously," Trulli told Italy’s Autosprint. "It’s all new and we always would need time but I did expect to drive, at least.

“After four races I did not start once and when I got to the finish, it was because it was decided I should take the chequered flag but in far from ideal conditions.

"I seem to have had all of the bad luck so far, so I admit that expectations have not been completely met," he added. "We operate like a real team but unfortunately we’re at only ten percent of our potential due to a lack of preparation.

"It’s still early days to judge, we need more time for a reliable judgement. I knew it would be tough, but I practically haven’t driven yet. I’ll pass judgement at the end of the year.”

The upgrades should hopefully provide Jarno with that next step, however, he appears circumspect at this stage.

"My aims are to just stay in front of my team-mate and help lead the new teams. Anything else would just be dreaming right now; the only way of through into Q2, for example, would be for a disaster to happen [for the faster teams, like] it did in Malaysia."

Jarno Trulli

This has been a common sight for Jarno in 2010 

The Italian has garnered a pair of 17th-place finishes – in Bahrain and Malaysia, and both with a mechanically stricken car – while Kovalainen has seen the chequered flag on three occasions with a best finish of 13th.

With the team’s entry confirmed later than that of the other rookie teams (Virgin Racing and HRT), it is understandable that the team is in this position. Here’s hoping they can start to turn the corner and deliver better results for Jarno!

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