Big Brother It’s a bit late now, Mark! We’d all forgotten about this!

Mark Webber has seemingly attempted to dig himself out of the hole he dug himself into, after he slammed Victoria – the host state of the Australian Grand Prix – as a “bloody nanny state”.

The comment was made in the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s embarrassing run-in with Melbourne’s finest boys in blue after his little burn-out antics as he exited the Albert Park circuit after the opening day of practice. It should be noted that Lewis’ antics were ill-timed and particularly stupid, as they occurred only hours after the FIA’s launch of the ‘Make Roads Safe’ campaign in Australia!

Webber’s remarks also expressed his frustration at what he perceived as being local government overregulation, such as the prevalence of speeding and parking fines.

Then, in a seemingly bigger attempt to irritate his fans back home, Webber’s father Alan and manager/partner Ann Neal posed with fans in the Sepang paddock wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan: “Victoria, the Nanny State!”

One local newspaper wrote at the time: "So this is the message from Mark Webber to the families who have lost loved ones on the roads this Easter. What a bloody disgrace."

Another added: "Don’t come back Webbers. You are not welcome in my state."

Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper has now reported that the Webber clan seems to have finally come to its senses in realising the potential damage his comments may have inflicted. Webber’s management has now offered the Red Bull driver head up a road safety campaign, as outlined in a sheepish letter to the Victorian Government.

"We realise we’ve made a monumental error It’s something Mark is passionate about," Neal said. "It’s not a knee-jerk reaction to the press he’s had, it’s something he has always done."

A government spokesman said Webber’s offer was being considered.

Perhaps it might be wise not to take a dump in your own backyard, next time, Mark!

[Image via Inconvenient Body]

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