Ferrari F10 with barcode Ferrari F10 without barcode

Ferrari has removed its controversial barcode logos from the livery of its F10 car!

Following widespread accusations that the signage was a form of subliminal advertising for its principal sponsor, the cigarette company Philip Morris.

This prompted Ferrari President Luca di Montezemelo to respond angrily, calling the accusations "ridiculous".

But clearly visible within the team’s garages in Barcelona, the barcode has magically disappeared, replaced with a white rectangle with a red background.

However, team uniforms and other signage is still showing the barcode for the time being – but one would expect that the red duct tape will be dispensed to cover up any remaining decals.

Ferrari has claimed the decision to alter the logos was made "together with Philip Morris International".

"This decision was taken in order to remove all speculation concerning the so-called ‘barcode’ which was never intended to be a reference to a tobacco brand," added the team.

Can I have a show of hands with who actually believes this PR-speak?!

If anything, the scandal surrounding the entire episode has probably been the PR possible for Philip Morris, with the doctors’ groups ironically bolstering awareness of the conglomerate. I might now look at a red rectangle with a white border and start to feel the overwhelming desire for a Marlboro Light…

[Original images via GP Update and AUTOSPORT]

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