Not particularly good for team harmony!

Bruno Senna has questioned the decision by Hispania Racing Team to run Christian Klien Bruno Sennain the opening practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix, in place of Karun Chandhok.

The Murcia-based team appointed Klien as its third and reserve driver earlier this week, with the aim of comparing an experienced driver against its established line-up, in addition to identifying shortcoming and set-up tweaks in the F110.

However, with HRT having had no pre-season testing, Bruno believes that he and Chandhok need all the mileage they can get.

"We have to wait until tomorrow to see if there is any benefit from the experience of the third driver in terms of development of the car, in terms of what direction he can take the team," Senna said to reporters in the Barcelona paddock.

"But in my opinion, because we had no testing at the beginning of the season, the race drivers must do every mile possible. You can see that very few teams are giving mileage to the third driver on Fridays and it’s only because they have simulators that the drivers can go there and use.

"I prefer to do as many miles as I can and make sure I can get used to the car before I go to a qualifying session. For me every mile makes a difference. Fortunately I know this track very well, so I know I can pick up pace quite quickly, but we’ll see."

The Brazilian also confirmed that HRT won’t be introducing any major performance updates to the F110 this weekend, and believes it will still be a couple of months before the car has a significant upgrade.

"We haven’t got much in terms of performance," he said. "We have some new bits in the car for the suspension and things like this, but they are not really performance-related. They will unlock a little bit of performance but they are more towards the drivability of the car and also control.

"I think it should be better for our consistency and better for the tyres. But in terms of pure performance updates we are a bit short.

“In the end we are still a bit behind in terms of our schedule as well, and what we expect to happen is that maybe in two months’ time we get a big update for performance. If you are one or two months late to start then it’s pretty normal to be quite late in the development as well," he concluded.

[Original image via GP Update]

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