“Stay silent and be thought of as a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubt.”

Evidently Lewis Hamilton doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy, and has opened up a new war of words with his long-standing nemesis, Fernando Alonso.

And all this while on Spanish soil! Not very clever, my man!

Hamilton Poster Defaced It’s three years since the duo clashed so memorably as McLaren team-mates, and two years since the disgusting racist incident during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Spanish fans still haven’t forgiven Lewis, with a mural (pictured left, photographed by former ITV commentator James Allen) of Lewis slashed across the face in an access tunnel underneath the circuit.

Hamilton chose to respond to recent comments made by Alonso, who claimed that the 2008 World Champion is on the verge of being penalised by the stewards if he puts a foot wrong.

In the wake of the near-collision in the Shanghai pit lane with Sebastian Vettel and the appalling weaving down the Sepang straight in front of Vitaly Petrov, rhe Spaniard claimed that some of Hamilton’s driving in 2010 should be "punishable", and added that "if he does something in the next race, however little, there will be penalties".

Hamilton has now attempted to hit back, pointing out that Alonso’s rather rough-house move on Felipe Massa en route to the Shanghai pit lane was outside the spirit of fair play.

Let’s get this straight – Lewis is now an expert on fair play?

"I’ve never done that, and it’s definitely not in my nature to do what he did," he told PA Sport.

I could list what you have done…

"That could have turned out really badly for Felipe. He could have been out of the race.

"People say I’m aggressive, but I don’t know why. I just drive with the most passion. I’m more passionate than aggressive," he said.

I could think of another word aside from passionate…

[Original image via James Allen]

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