Ferrari has been quick to play down concerns that its Fernando Alonso No Handsrevised ‘F-duct’ system is dangerous, after footage emerged showing Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were shown to be triggering the blockage of airflow with their hands.

Barely gripping the steering wheel with their left hand, the drivers are often performing brake bias adjustments with their right, which has led to claims that the drivers are navigating without the use of their hands!

Ferrari’s interpretation of the ‘F-duct’ contrasts with that pioneered by rivals McLaren, whose drivers use their left knee to block the vent.

Alonso rejected concerns after qualifying, and clarified: “I always have my hands on the steering wheel."

I don’t think a few fingers counts, Fernando!

Onboard footage from qualifying showed that Alonso’s left glove has black padding sewn onto its back to effective the Spaniard a larger ‘hand’ to hold onto the wheel and block the air flow.

How quickly before rival teams protest Ferrari’s ‘F-duct’ on “safety grounds”? I think I hear McLaren lodging a protest as I write!

[Original image via AUTOSPORT]

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