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Lap 66:

Webber wins the Spanish Grand Prix! Super drive from pole to the chequered flag, a dominant victory for the Australian.

Alonso is second, and Vettel limps over the line in third. He is followed by Schumacher, Button, Massa, Sutil, Kubica, Barrichello and Alguersuari, who picked up a point after his drive-through penalty.

Petrov finishes 11th, followed by Kobayashi, Rosberg.

Hamilton classified in 14th after his crash, and Liuzzi stops on the side of the circuit and fails to see the chequered flag. He is classified 15th.

The remaining runners are Hulkenberg, Trulli, Glock and di Grassi – Virgin gets both cars home for the first time.

Lap 65:

Hamilton bins it into the Turn 3 tyres courtesy of a front-left puncture. Alonso is promoted to second place, much to the delight of the crowd.

Lap 63:

Vettel is really nursing the car, having to engine brake into the corners and use the aero drag to slow the car down.

Up in front, Webber leads with a few laps to go.

Lap 60:

Vettel has now been told that his, with a  brake s are about to go completely. With seven laps to run, does he have enough of a margin (and enough brakes) to hold off Schumacher for fourth?

Schumacher responds with his personal best lap time.

Hamilton has now set the fastest lap, with a 1:24.357.

Lap 58:

Vettel has been instructed by his team to go easy under braking, perhaps the earlier issue has affected a wheel bearing or the front brake?

Lap 54:

Vettel runs off the road and damages his RB6. He pits for examination by he crew, handing a podium finish to Fernando Alonso, who must be thanking his lucky stars he didn’t make a second pit stop.

Lap 53:

Chandhok being interviewed by Lee McKenzie after his retirement, describes Jaime Alguersuari’s move as “uncalled for”.

Despite being comfortably quicker than the Virgin cars in qualifying, Jarno Trulli finds himself only 0.6s ahead of Glock in the race, as the battle for rookie pride comes to a head.

Lap 51:

Rosberg scrambles past Hulkenberg with a good lunge into La Caixa to take 15th place.

Lap 48:

Webber extended his lead over Hamilton to 16.2 seconds. Very good drive from Webber.

Lap 47:

The much faster Rosberg cannot find a way past Hulkenberg’s Williams, despite being shod with much fresher tyres. Just goes to show that this isn’t the easiest circuit to pass on.

Lap 45:

Buemi climbs out of his Toro Rosso and retires. Webber retakes the fastest lap honours from Alonso, and extended his lead over Hamilton to 14.9s.

Lap 44:

Schumacher is trailing the fourth-placed Alonso by over 30 seconds. Will Fernando make a second pit stop?

Vettel has also been told by his engineers that his front wing flap adjust has broken.

Buemi pits for the fourth time in the Toro Rosso. It’s a long stop and there could be problems here for the Swiss driver.

Lap 41:

Drivers are now finding their older tyres are staring to turn sour, with the grip rapidly falling away. Some might consider making a second stop.

Lap 40:

Webber continues his comfortable lead with a 1:25.920 fastest lap and now leads by 11.7 seconds. Hamilton is second, with the gap to Vettel in third now 2.5 seconds.

Lap 37:

Rosberg comes in for a second pit stop from a lowly 15th place. He takes on soft tyres and his lap times will be a source of focus for rival teams who might be considering a second pit stop themselves.

Lap 35:

Replays from Hulkenberg’s pit stop (lap 34) show the team’s Technical Director Sam Michael engaged in a heated ‘in your face’ discussion with Williams’ chief mechanic Carl Gaden. Not the first time Gaden has been seen getting stroppy this weekend…

Lap 34:

Unsurprisingly, Alguersuari has been handed a drive-through penalty for chopping across Chandhok.

Lap 33:

Button has dropped back slightly from Schumacher, perhaps he is biding his time for a charge later in the race. Or have his tyres gone off in the dirty wake behind Schumacher?

Lap 32:

De la Rosa has been interviewed by the BBC’s Lee McKenzie, and explains he retired with handling issues arising from his first-lap accident.

Hulkenberg is shown leading a good battle for 12th with Petrov and Kobayashi right behind him.

Lap 31:

Chandhok stops on the circuit, both HRTs are out. Shame.

Lap 30:

Replays show that Alguersuari came through to put a lap on him, but cut back in on the racing line way too soon, chopping across the nose of the HRT driver in the process.

Lap 29:

I think I saw Chandhok just collide with Alguersuari! The Indian driver pits for a new nose.

Lap 27:

Webber sets the fastest lap of the race, a 1:26.655.

Lap 26:

Despite his deranged front wing, Massa sets his quickest lap of the race.

Lap 25:

Webber now leading by over 10 seconds from Hamilton, who is slowly being caught by Vettel.

Lap 24:

Buemi has been slapped with a drive-through penalty for passing Trulli across the Turn 1 exit asphalt, which he used when avoiding Liuzzi’s Force India that was exiting the pits.

Massa – closing on the Schumacher-Button battle – tags the back of Chandhok’s HRT and damages his front wing end-fence.

Lap 22:

Button lines up another move on Schumacher but he can’t make it work around the outside of the German. Good defensive driving from Schumacher.

Lap 21:

De la Rosa parks his Sauber in the garage and retires. Webber’s lead is now 8.7 seconds over Hamilton.

Lap 20:

Button has another go at Schumacher along the main straight and is again fended off. His ‘F-duct’ gives him so much more straightline speed over the Mercedes GP. If he can get a cleaner exit from the last corner, he will surely get past Schumacher.

Lap 19:

Button has a go at Schumacher down the main straight, but the German holds the inside line into Turn 1.

Lap 17:

Webber pits, and his stop is better than Vettel. He emerges comfortably ahead of Vettel.

Hamilton also pits, and rejoins just ahead of Vettel, but as they approach Turn 1, they come across di Grassi almost parked on the apex of Turn 1, and they narrowly avoid hitting him. Hamilton manages to leapfrog Vettel.

Lap 16:

Webber’s lead now 4.1 seconds. Vettel, Alonso and Button all make their pit stops. Button rejoins right behind Schumacher.

The incident between Buemi and Liuzzi is under investigation by the stewards.

Lap 15:

Schumacher and Massa make their pit stops, and feed behind the battling Williams’. Rosberg pits but is released with his front wheel not fully attached. His disastrous race continues…

Lap 14:

Buemi passes Trulli for 17th along the main straight, but is forced wide at Turn 1 by the rejoining Liuzzi.

Lap 13:

Webber lapping about 0.4s quicker than Vettel. Liuzzi makes the first planned pit stop of the race, but pulls away from the pit garage like a learner doing a hill-start. Kangarro hops everywhere.

Lap 12:

Buemi passes Glock for 18th into Turn 1.

Lap 10:

Webber leads by 2.4 seconds from Vettel, Hamilton is only 1.4s further behind. The recovering Buemi passes Chandhok for 19th place into La Caixa.

Lap 9:

Radio transmission for Vettel from his engineer, asking him to switch to a richer fuel mix to keep pace with Webber and break away from Hamilton.

Word from the pit lane is that Kovalainen will not emerge from the pit lane at all.

Interview with Bruno Senna, who admits to getting too carried away trying to make up some places on the opening lap. Not sure why he went with that line of thinking as the HRT can’t hold a candle to the other teams at this stage…

Lap 8:

Rosberg is clearly struggling in this opening phase of the race. He is only 11th and holding up Barrichello and Hulkenberg behind him.

Alonso is still circulating in fourth but can’t keep pace with Hamilton ahead of him.

Lap 7:

Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley is giving Massa the hurry-up to pass Schumacher, telling him he’s 10km/h quicker than the seven-time champion.

Lap 6:

Hamilton is hanging on gamely in his McLaren and is still just under a second behind Vettel in third.

Lap 5:

Webber sets the fastest lap at 1m27.990s as he streteches the lead to 1.3s over team-mate Vettel.

Lap 4:

Poor start for Kubica, who dropped to 10th. Alguersuari has climbed into the top-ten with a demon start. Replays show Senna sliding into the tyre barriers at Turn 4.

Lap 3:

Rumours are Bruno Senna has stopped on the circuit on the opening lap, a shame for HRT on home soil.

Lap 2:

Buemi and de la Rosa both pit, it seems they may have made contact. There was plenty of maneuvering between the leading runners on the blast to Turn 1 but ultimately no change in grid order.

Lap 1:

Mark Webber gets the jump on Vettel this time and he does hold the leading position into Turn 1.

Webber leads from Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Schumacher. Rosberg runs wide at Turn 3 and drops to about 12th.

No major incidents on the opening lap.

10:02PM AEST:

The front row is in position with Hamilton and Schumacher forming up.

10:00PM AEST:

Kovalainen’s issue is a gearbox problem. The team will try to fix it, but he’ll be a few laps down when he rejoins. The parade lap is underway.

9:59PM AEST:

And I’ve just jinxed it; Kovalainen’s Lotus has been pushed off the grid and into the pit lane.

9:58PM AEST:

All drivers seem to have made it onto the grid; will we actually have a race this season where all cars start from the grid?

9:55PM AEST:

Five minutes to go until the parade lap is underway.

9:52PM AEST:

The stats are definitely on polesitter Mark Webber’s side – the past nine winners of the Spanish GP have started from pole position.

9:46PM AEST:

Pit lane has now closed. News in from the BBC is indicating that ‘F-ducts’ will be banned from 2011 onwards. More to follow as it comes to hand.

9:42PM AEST:

Despite locking out the front row, the Red Bulls are running without the ‘F-duct’ and could be vulnerable to the faster starting McLarens and Ferraris behind them. It might be the only opportunity that Hamilton and Alonso get to spoil the party for the Milton Keynes team.

9:37PM AEST:

More live shots from the grid showing Fernando Alonso being pushed into position, P4 on the grid. The Spanish fans will be full of expectation for a good result, and will have a record three local drivers to support this weekend.

9:30PM AEST:

Pit lane has now opened and the cars are making their way onto the circuit to grid up. Track temperature sitting at 35 degrees.

During the next 15 minutes, they have several jobs to undertake. Support races earlier this morning have changed the grip level, so each driver will want to quickly ascertain how hard he can push when it comes to the early laps of the race.

They will check basic functions such the gearbox, drinks bottle and the all-important team radio. The pit lane closes in 15 minutes time. Any car not on the grid by then will be required to start from the pits.

9:25AM AEST:

It seems almost a fait accomplit that one of the Red Bulls will win today. Perhaps mindful of Webber’s less-than-stellar performances in the first four races, most of you have voted in our web poll that Vettel will take the victory spoils today.

9:23PM AEST:

The grid for today’s race is as follows: Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Schumacher, Kubica, Rosberg, Massa, Kobayashi, Sutil, de la Rosa, Hulkenberg, Buemi, Alguersuari, Liuzzi, Barrichello, Trulli, Petrov, Kovalainen, Senna, Glock, di Grassi, Chandhok.

9:20PM AEST:

Five-place grid penalties have been applied to four drivers for gearbox changes (Petrov, Chandhok) or failing to notify the FIA of the gearbox ratios being run (di Grassi, Glock).

9:15PM AEST:

The race stewards – with the assistance from former F1 driver Derek Warwick – were kept a little busy this weekend, with Toro Rosso drivers Alguersuari and Buemi summoned to the Stewards’ offices along with Sebastian Vettel for failing to slow during a yellow flag period.

9:02PM AEST:

We’re always excited to read your comments and thoughts during the race. Make sure you drop us a line via email, Twitter or Messenger.

9:00PM AEST:

Australia’s host broadcaster, OneHD, has started their pre-race telecast. Only one hour to go until race start!

8:53PM AEST:

Ferrari came into this weekend mired in controversy over the barcode logos visible on their F10s. The use of this logo has happened ever since the anti-tobacco legislation came in to place. Despite claims to the contrary, Several health groups have – some five years late, I will add! – claimed that the barcode image is strikingly similar to the bottom of a Marlboro cigarette pack, and that the barcode decals are a form of subliminal advertising.

Ferrari has denied speculation that the barcode logos have anything to do with their title sponsorship by Marlboro’s parent company, Philip Morris. However, they arrived in Spain and promptly removed the barcode logos, claiming the decision was made in consultation with Philip Morris!

In spite of the evident absence of direct Marlboro linkage, this publicity has probably had the opposite effect intended in actually encouraging fans to perceive the barcode logos as having an association with the cancer sticks!

8:52PM AEST:

Pleasing to see that the revisions to the Mercedes GP W01 have suited Michael Schumacher, who has had a much-improved weekend and had the measure of Nico Rosberg all weekend so far. It certainly begs the question as to how much of his poorer results in the opening flyaway rounds were down to the car not being suited to his requirements.

8:50PM AEST:

Despite a brief appearance by McLaren at the top of the timesheets in the opening practice session, Barcelona has been something of a Red Bull benefit for the rest of the weekend, with Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel hogging the top two positions on the timesheets in every subsequent session, split by mere hundredths. The gap to their rivals is vast: with a dry weather forecast, it’s simply a case of the Red Bulls holding together and it will certainly be one of them doing the winning. The question is: who, out of Webber or Vettel, will do the honours?

8:45PM AEST:

Weather reports from the Circuit de Catalunya seem to indicate that the forecasted Sunday rain will only hit the circuit after the race has finished, which means, in all likelihood, that we’re set for a pretty processional race today. The Barcelona track has not produced a truly thrilling or action-packed race in recent years, by dint of the teams’ familiarity with it as a test venue. The alterations to the final sector of the lap – made in the grounds of safety – have emasculated what was a truly quick final section of the circuit. That Mickey Mouse chicane before the final corner is as ugly as it is clumsy, and artificial obstacles like that are an eyesore that I detest.

8:37PM AEST:

Aero developments are upgrades have been the talk up and down the pit lane this weekend, with the big players coming to Spain armed with a host of new gadgets and tricks to improve their performance. Some teams have gone with quite extreme options – Mercedes GP’s new roll-hoop treatment is one such example – but other enhancements are barely discernable.

Ferrari’s integrated ‘F-duct’ has raised a few eyebrows, with footage showing that the inlet duct is blocked with the driver’s left hand, raising concerns that neither Felipe Massa or Fernando Alonso have full control of the car with their hands off the wheel. How long will it be before a rival team protests it on “safety grounds”?

8:35PM AEST:

The start of the European leg of the 2010 season sees the temporary end of the flyaway rounds and the introduction of two important things: the team motor homes and major upgrades to the cars.

With Monaco just a week away, most Team Principals have opted to show how big their, er, egos are on the shores of the Principality, as there won’

8:30PM AEST:

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