The Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) has agreed to ban the controversial ‘F-duct’ duct device from the 2011 season onwards. The extremely clever device, first pioneered by McLaren – allows for the airflow to the rear wing to be ‘stalled’ to create greater top speed down the straights.

FOTA met during last weekend’s Spanish Grand and agreed via a unanimous vote to outlaw the device from the end of the season. It was understood that McLaren – unsurprisingly, it must be said – were against the removal of the device from future regulations.

As a concept, I think the ‘F-duct’ is an ingenious piece of kit, however I have always made it clear that how McLaren pitched the design “as a driver cooling aid” was as ethical as it was truthful. I certainly won’t miss the ugly designs its inclusion has forced upon Formula 1 cars in 2010.

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Richard Bailey

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