The motto of Ferrari PR, it seems, is: “When in doubt, spin, spin, spin!”

Ferrari Motorhome The Ferrari team has issued a desperate press release comparing its progress in the first five races of the season to the first five of 2009, by claiming that it would be at the top of both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standings if the previous year’s points-scoring system was still in place.

The series switched to a top-ten scoring system after seven seasons spent operating a top-eight scoring system. The current system sees the winner scoring 25 points and fifth-placed finishers picking up as many points as a 2009 racewinner would have.

The current standings have Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa positioned second and seventh in the Drivers’ standings, respectively, and second in the Constructors’ standings behind McLaren. The team has picked up a single – admittedly, lucky – win at Bahrain and has been, of late, off-the-pace relative to the front-running Red Bull and McLaren teams.

“One year later and we are dancing to a very different tune,” a Ferrari statement reads. “If one applies last season’s scoring system to 2010…one can see that the team which has made the most progress is Ferrari, gaining 41 points, followed by McLaren (+33), Renault (+11) and Red Bull (+4) while the newly born Mercedes team has spiralled down 47 points compared to its former incarnation, Brawn GP.

“The Scuderia’s progress is also visible from the fact that, with the old points system, Fernando Alonso would today be leading the championship, albeit by just one point ahead of Button (28 to 27) and the team would be joint leader with McLaren on 47.”

I didn’t realise that the North Korean government wrote Ferrari’s press statements!

If ever there’s an example of pathetic straw-clutching in marketing and PR, this is it…

Perhaps more time spent on developing the car and less time spent putting together creatively-worded press releases is in order!

[Original image via AUTOSPORT]

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