Some three years following the ‘Spygate’ scandal of 2007, a case alleging sabotage by one of the espionage co-conspirators Nigel Stepney got underway in Italy overnight.

Nigel Stepney The case harks back to the Monaco Grand Prix in 2007, and it is Ferrari’s claim that Stepney tried to sabotage the team’s chances by adding a white powder to the fuel tanks of both cars.

It is believed that Stepney’s alleged sabotage attempt, and subsequent dossier leaking of Ferrari design information to sacked McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan, all stemmed from him failing to receive a promotion within the team which he felt was his due.

The opening day of the trial, which is being held in the Emilia Romagna town of Sassuolo, was not attended by Stepney, according to the German SID news agency.

[Original image via Speedheads]

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