One rather wishes that Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemelo either buggered off to Italian politics or kept his mouth shut when you read comments like this!

Luca di MontezemeloIt seems that Luca has been a little deprived of the media spotlight once again and has decided to open his trap and smash the little teams, Lotus, Virgin Racing and HRT.

You will recall that in the wake of the manufacturer exodus from F1, the Ferrari boss called for Ferrari teams to be allowed to field a third car in Grands Prix, instead of expanding the grid to thirteen teams.

However, an earlier diatribe from the team opened an almighty can of worms when an di Montezemelo anonymously-penned column on the team’s official website likened the current grid to be more deserving of the name ‘Formula GP3’.

Old Luca seemingly can’t let the issue lie, and is quoted by Tuttosport as saying: “In the 60th year of Formula 1, Ferrari is celebrating its 800th Grand Prix.

“Let me say with pride that no one will be able to match this record.

“For us it is a source of great satisfaction and pride because is represents that Ferrari has nowhere else to go been here even in difficult times, while we have successfully destroyed other teams have come and have gone.

"I repeat that Formula 1 without Ferrari is not Formula 1, and this year there are many teams that should be racing in GP2," added Montezemolo.

I would have thought that Formula 1 wouldn’t be Formula 1 without a full grid?

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