Even Blind Freddy can see where this is leading…!

The Cypher Group – a collection of F1 engineers based in the United States with ambitions of taking a US-based F1 team onto the 2011 F1 grid – has announce3d is has completed a deal with what it describes as a “significant global partner”, in addition to holding talks with a current F1 constructor with a view to securing a technical partnership.

Gee, who could this possibly be with?

A separate operation to – despite containing a few disparate members from the ashes of – the embarrassing failure that was USF1, the newly formed outfit is a totally independent operation. Having previously harboured ambitions to be based in North Carolina, the team admits it will consider a switch to Texas following the recent announcement that the United States Grand Prix would return to a purpose-built venue at the city of Austin.

At the same time as Luca di Montezemelo has been quoted by the Italian press as wanting to see more Ferraris on the grid – even if this means running under the guise of another team – Cypher has confirmed it has held talks with a current F1 team to secure the supply of F1 engines and transmissions.

Also at the same time, the YouTube group – which partially bankrolled the collapsed USF1 concern – has confirmed its intention to tie in with an established outfit as a third-party investor.

Cypher Group Do we go so far as to speculate that Cypher might be getting funded by YouTube with technical assistance from Ferrari? It’d be tough to draw any other conclusion – have a read of the group’s press statements just released…

"Cypher Group believes the securing of a US Grand Prix strengthens and highlights the need for a home team. Thus we are currently in contact with Ferrari a world-renowned F1 manufacturer who, like Cypher Group, realises the potential of a US-based team.

"As we continue to move forward, Cypher Group has secured a significant global partner which, we all know is YouTube at this time, wishes to remain anonymous.

"With such a short time frame, it is a great challenge that lies before us; however we believe that, with the support of our partners and America, the possibility of an American Formula 1 team racing on home soil can become a reality."

Does ‘Forza Cypher!’ have any sort of ring to it? Didn’t think so…

[Original image via The Cahier Archive]

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