Red Bull Trio

Well, now that the Doctor has changed his mind, can we all get on with it now?

Red Bull’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko now wishes to avoid the break-out of World War III no longer believes that Mark Webber was to blame for the collision with  team-mate Sebastian Vettel that cost the team a valuable 1-2 finish at the recent Turkish Grand Prix.

In a very public airing of the team’s dirty linen, Marko had initially laid the blame at Webber’s feet despite the overwhelming support for Webber from a host of F1 commentators and former drivers, who believed that Vettel was in fact the main culprit.

Indeed, 47% of voters in our online poll believe that the young German was the cause of the accident, with 30% of you believing that Webber was at fault.

In a recent propaganda piece interview provided by the team, team boss Christian Horner said he points the finger at both his drivers for the crash.

Despite most figures believing Vettel to be at fault, Horner described it “acceptable” that Vettel tried the passing move on the 40th lap of the race.

Confirming that Webber had been instructed to lean out his fuel consumption whereas Vettel was able to run at a richer mixture, he added: “Ultimately both drivers should have given each other more room.

“He [Vettel] appeared to be the faster of the two Red Bull drivers. Had the incident not have happened, I believe we would have achieved a one-two finish.”

So, Christian, despite your protestations that the team favours neither driver ahead of the other, why was Webber running a leaner fuel mixture with nearly 20 laps of the race to run when he had three cars in hot pursuit? Was fuel-saving that much of an issue so far out, or could he perhaps have delayed that adjustment until later in the race when there perhaps would have been less risk of being under attack from behind?

[Original image via BBC]

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