The 2005 Formula One World Championship Review is the official FIA approved DVD review of the 2005 F1 season. Marking the first championship title for both 2005 F1 Formula One World Championship Review Fernando Alonso and the Renault team, this season saw a host of rule changes that finally broke the stranglehold that the Ferrari team had so thoroughly enjoyed for the previous five years.

The 220-minute DVD provides the best action and highlights from the entire F1 season, allowing viewers to enjoy all of the excitement and drama as Alonso became the youngest driver to win the Formula One Drivers’ Championship, which he achieved in the penultimate race at Brazil.

The race-by-race narration and action highlights are very good and the DVD does a solid job covering the best highlights from both qualifying and the races. It also covers controversial events such as the BAR fuel tank scandal, the US Grand Prix debacle and F1’s first visit to Turkey.

This season review DVD did away with the in-car pole position laps and instead included the addition of a driver-narrated onboard lap profiling each of the circuits. It’s certainly a nice change up for the books, and also good to hear about different circuits from a host of F1 drivers rather than this feature being dominated by a half-dozen drivers at best.

However, the DVD footage seems to suffer from compression and pixellation at times, particularly in the menu screens and with onboard footage, which is a shame.

In summary:

  • HITS: Plenty of behind-the-scenes footage with many of the teams and drivers. A great, balanced approach to a thrilling season. Driver-narrated on-board laps.
  • MISSES: No farewell tributes to Jordan, Sauber and Minardi who all competed their final F1 season in their original guise and name. The pixellation we discussed before – perhaps they should have looked at a dual-layer DVD instead of single-layer? Some particularly poor choice and use of soundtracks when covering from exciting track action, such as the closing laps of the San Marino Grand Prix.
  • BEST BITS: The behind-the-scenes footage from the controversial USA Grand Prix that saw just six cars take the start.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award the 2005 Formula One World Championship Review

The 2005 Formula One World Championship Review is available at all leading DVD and sports retail outlets.

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