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LAP 70: Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix! Button, Alonso, Vettel and Webber complete the top-five spots, with Rosberg, Kubica and Buemi rounding out the top-eight.
The battle for the final points’ positions in resolved in the the favour of the Force India cars, with both Liuzzi and Sutil disposing of the limping Schumacher to snatch 9th and 10th places!
What a fantastic race!
LAP 66: Massa suffered two front wing breakages during the race Massa has quickly caught up with his former team-mate, Schumacher, and half-heartedly tried a move on the back straight. But Schumacher holds his position and Massa succeeds in clobbering his front wing against the rear of the Mercedes GP car.
LAP 62: Buemi passes Schumacher for 8th on the run to Turn 1. The German’s tyres look finished and he will struggle to hold off the chasing Ferrari of Massa and the Force India cars of Sutil and Liuzzi for the final points’ places…
LAP 61: Further behind, we see Buemi chasing down Michael Schumacher for 8th place.
LAP 56: Button now makes is a McLaren 1-2 by passing Alonso for second place.
LAP 51: Hamilton is all over the back of Webber and sends a move up the inside into Turn 1. Webber is powerless to resist as the McLaren takes the lead.
At the end of the lap, Webber pits and resumes on the sifter rubber in fifth place. His only hope is for his tyres not to disintegrate and to be able to catch the leading quartet.
LAP 49: Hamilton is now just 1.7s behind Webber.
Trulli retires his Lotus with overheating brakes, which are doused by the pit lane fire marshals.
LAP 46: On worn tyres, Webber is losing out badly in traffic, and his gap to the chasing pack is under 4 seconds.
LAP 41: Webber reports that his tyres are starting to deteriorate. If he pits for the softer tyres now, he’s going to have a hard time making them last nearly 30 laps…
In response, both Hamilton and Vettel post their quickest laps of the race as they try to close Webber down.
LAP 39: The FIA stewards have announced that a near-collision at the pit entrance between Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil will be investigated after the race.
Webber is told that Hamilton, Alonso, Button and Vettel – whom he leads by under 12 seconds – are running to the end of the race without stopping. Webber still needs a stop for the softer tyres and his current lead is not enough to make a stop and resume still in the lead
LAP 37: Vettel is told by his team that he needs to pass the runners ahead of him if he wants to win the race, as all are on the same strategy and unlikely to pit again.
LAP 36: Schumacher visits the pits and takes on the softer Bridgestone rubber. If he’s planning a run through to the end of the race on this rubber, he might be in for a rude shock by the end of the race as these tyres are expected to deteriorate quickly…
LAP 34: It’s yet another double DNF for the Sauber team, with de la Rosa pulling off on the main straight with smoke pouring from the back of his C29. Another Ferrari engine failure?
LAP 31: Hülkenberg is hit with a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane.
Webber now leads from Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Vettel, Buemi and Kubica.
LAP 29: Alonso pits for the second time, handing the lead to Webber. The Spaniard rejoins behind Hamilton, after being held up by a Lotus on his in-lap.
LAP 28: Sutil pits with a puncture Button, Vettel and Rosberg all make their second pit stops.
Sutil pits with a right-rear puncture, with replays showing the German running off the road between Turns 1 and 2 and his Bridgestone delaminates spectacularly.
LAP 27: Hamilton pits for the second time after another side-by-side run with Alonso.
LAP 25: The running order has remained relatively unchanged over the last half-dozen laps, as the race begins to settle down.
At the tail of the field, Petrov is slapped with another drive-through penalty, having been found guilty of causing an avoidable collision with de la Rosa at the start of the race.
LAP 20: The top-four runners can take some comfort in knowing that they won’t have to pit for the softer rubber, having either already run it or (in Vettel’s case) are running it right now.
Rosberg posts the quickest lap of the race so far, with a 1:19.431.
LAP 18: After an action-packed 18 laps, Hamilton leads from Alonso and Button, with Vettel, Webber, Kubica, Sutil and Buemi making up the top eight.
The increased track temperatures and causing havoc with tyre wear, and it could well be that we see a few more pit sotps up and down the grid as the drivers scrabble for better grip.
LAP 17: Alonso is harrying Buemi for the lead, but the young Swiss driver holds his ground for a full lap until he too pits.
He succeeds in holding up Alonso just enough that Hamilton gets a tow along the final straight and passes the Spaniard around the outside into the final chicane.
LAP 16: Vettel pits on the next lap and surprisingly takes on the softer-compound tyres!
His pit stop promotes Buemi into the lead of the race! This marks the first time a Toro Rosso has led a racer since the 2008 Italian Grand Prix, won by Vettel.
Schumacher makes a second pit stop from 9th place, perhaps to check for possible damage sustained when he went off-road with Kubica. He takes on hard tyres and will have to pit once more to take on the softer Bridgestone rubber.
LAP 15: Red Bull finally blinks and Webber comes in for a pit stop and fresh tyres. He takes on more hard tyres, meaning he will have to stop at least once more for the softer-compound tyres, which he is yet to run in the race.
LAP 14: Barrichello visits the pits for a second time, this time to have his front wing replaced.
Schumacher makes his first pit stop, rejoining side-by-side with the up-to-speed Robert Kubica. Refusing to cede position to the Renault driver, both take a quick trip across the Turn 3 grass and rejoin, seemingly without major damage.
LAP 13: We hearing rumours that Petrov – who tangled with de la Rosa at the start – is being investigated for that accident and a jumped start.
LAP 12: Kubica pits and takes on new tyres.
LAP 10: Vettel leads from Webber, Kubica, Schumacher, and Buemi. None of these drivers has made their first pit stop. Alonso is sixth and Hamilton is seventh.
LAP 9: With Hamilton losing time on worn rubber, this has allowed Alonso and Webber to close right up, making it a four-car battle for the lead.
Hamilton decides to end the inevitable and pits for fresh rubber. Hamilton & Vettel scrap for the early leadVettel now leads Webber, as Alonso also dives into the pits.
It’s almost a repeat of the Chinese pit lane, where Ferrari turns Alonso around that bit quicker than Hamilton, and the two sprint side-by-side down the pit land and the pit exit – the duel is resolved in Alonso’s favour.
Also in the pits are Alguersuari and Barrichello.
LAP 8: Button moves to ditch his spent soft tyres and pits at the end of the lap. Sutil and Hülkenberg also pit.
LAP 7: Vettel has slashed Hamilton’s lead to 0.4s, and he’s looking the goods on the harder rubber. Rosberg and Trulli are the first runners to blink and head for the pits.
LAP 6: Webber sends one up the inside of Button into Turn 8 and he’s through into 4th place.
The recovering Massa posts the quickest lap of the race so far, a 1:20.605.
LAP 5: Button’s soft tyres already look a little past their best, and he is struggling to keep Webber at bay. The Australian has a look into Turn 3 – never a smart place to attempt a passing move – and wisely backs down as Button tries to shut the door.
Hamilton’s lead over Vettel has been trimmed to 0.9s, as the German’s tyres starting to come up to temperature.
LAP 4: Webber continues to pursue Button, with Kubica keeping a watching brief right behind the pair.
Another beneficiary of the Lap 1 incidents was Michael Schumacher who gained five places off the start and lies 8th. He is followed by Hülkenberg and the fast-starting Alguersuari.
LAP 3: Hamilton leads into lap three with Vettel and Alonso just a second behind – the Spaniard is all over the back of the Red Bull.
LAP 2: Webber is looking particularly race and seems to have more grip on the harder tyres than the softer-shod Button, who lies in fourth place.
LAP 1: Hamilton leads from Vettel, Alonso, Button and Webber as they charge down to the hairpin for the first time. Webber is a winner of the opening corner melee between Massa and Liuzzi, and he is up to fifth. Kobayashi clobbered the 'Wall of Champions' Also climbing up the order is Kamui Kobayashi, who has gained about eight places and now lies 10th!
Into the final chicane, and de la Rosa dives for the pits for a new nose cone, followed by the damaged Massa and Liuzzi.
Kobayashi is too exuberant trying to pass Hülkenberg into the final chicane – he hops across the kerbs and slams straight into the near-magnetic ‘Wall of Champions’! It’s game over for Kamui!
START: Liuzzi & Massa get together at the start The five red lights go out and we are racing in Canada!
Hamilton gets away and chops across Vettel but there is contact between Liuzzi and Massa in the first corner. Further behind, Petrov and de la Rosa get together on the run into Turn 1.
2:00AM AEST: The formation lap begins and Hamilton leads the pack towards the first turn. All 24 cars leave the grid without problem.
As the grid snakes it way around the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve, the fans in the grandstands rise as one to applaud their heroes who they welcome back to the nation after a one-year hiatus.
We await the cars to form up on the grid and the starting lights being turned on, one by one…
1:59AM AEST: The engines fire with a minute to go before the formation lap.
1:51AM AEST: The drivers are beginning to get themselves ready for action with the formation lap now just eight minutes away.
1:45AM AEST: The weather conditions are sunny and the track temperature is sitting at 37 degrees, far hotter than we’ve seen at any stage this weekend. This could be another factor that dictates the wear rates of the super soft Bridgestone tyres.
Today’s race will be an excellent test of tyre and brake management, with this circuit renowned for being rough on both.
The pits are now closed. Any car not on the grid by now will be required to start the race from the pitlane.
1:38AM AEST: Interesting to hear Martin Brundle’s observations (in an interview with OneHD guest reporter James Allen) on the Vettel-Webber clash. Brundle still lays the blame fairly and squarely at Vettel’s door, and was equally scathing of red Bull’s poor handling of the situation after the incident. We couldn’t agree more, Martin!
1:30AM AEST: Hamilton will lead off the grid this afternoon with one major question on his mind: how long will the super-soft tyres last under the weight of a car running a full load of fuel? The answer would seem to be “not very long at all” and the Briton may find himself swamped by Vettel in the Red Bull, who has opted for the safer choice of hard rubber.
Hamilton will, however, be pleased to see Fernanso Alonso in the Ferrari and his team-mate Jenson Button are also starting on soft rubber, while Mark Webber will undoubtedly have speed and be looking to recover to the front from seventh on the grid. Vitantonio Liuzzi could well be a dark horse in the race after a superb effort to qualify in sixth place.
The pitlane is now open for the drivers to make their way around to the grid. Many will plan more than one lap, passing through the pits to give them more chance to check out the grip levels and general feel of the car.
1:25AM AEST: We’ve just received word that Mark Webber has been hit with a five-place grid penalty for having his gearbox changed after qualifying, meaning he loses his front-row starting position and will assume a seventh-placed starting position when the green light glows.
Sebastian Vettel will therefore start alongside Hamilton on the front row of the grid. The German will be keen to make up for the events of Turkey two weeks ago. Fernando Alonso is third as he looks to spearhead Ferrari’s assault, with Jenson Button promoted to fourth and Tonio Liuzzi starting from a remarkable fifth place. Felipe Massa rounds out the top six.
Qualifying usually provides at least one surprise elimination and yesterday it was Michael Schumacher who was bumped from Q2 after being unable to get a clean lap on his final run. He wasn’t able to improve on his time and was shuffled down the list to 13th place overall.
1:20AM AEST: While we’re watching the pre-race broadcast with our local TV host network OneHD, let’s have a quick look at what has gone down so far this weekend…
Lewis Hamilton broke the Red Bull stranglehold on qualifying yesterday, gambling on super-soft rubber to claim an excellent pole position for this afternoon’s 70-lap race. The McLaren driver defied the potential destruction of Bridgestone’s option tyre in the early laps, with a last-gasp 1:15.105 to snatch pole by two-tenths of a second from Mark Webber. How his tyres will hold up in the race will be quite another matter…
1:15AM AEST: Richard’s F1 will be providing you with plenty of content to get your teeth stuck into in the week following the Canadian Grand Prix. We’ll be bringing you our latest exclusive interview, this time with HRT’s test driver and former Spyker and Super Aguri racer, Sakon Yamamoto! He’s provided us with a really fantastic interview and I hope you’ll enjoy it when we publish it later in the week. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest announcements!
We’re also going to run our third Richard’s Top 10 feature piece, this time counting down the top-ten ugliest design concepts ever to grace the F1 stage. What weird and wonderful pieces have F1 aerodynamacists come up with over the years that have sullied the retinas of many an F1 fan? What will we judge to be the ugliest? If you haven’t yet had a read of our previous countdown pieces, click here – they’re good fun!
1:10AM AEST: Plenty to report from across the Atlantic where the 24 Hours of Le Mans race has just concluded, where Audi took a surprise trifecta at La Sarthe after all four Peugeot 908s succumbed during the marathon event, which featured a host of former F1 stars and drivers from the IndyCar and World Touring Car Championship scene.
1:00AM AEST: A very early good morning to all of you from Australia, where it’s a chilly 2AM at home in Sydney and I’ve got the heater and coffee by the bucketload ready bring you the eighth round of the Formula 1 World Championship season for 2010, from the sunny shores of Canada!
We’re in for a fantastic race as Montreal welcomes back the grand Prix circus after a year’s absence in 2009. The 4.2km Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve has traditionally provided an action-packed race, and one hopes we’ll be in for more of the same today.

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