Sebastian Vettel’s stocks seem to keep plummeting, at least in the eyes of two his fellow German F1 drivers…

It would seem Vettel is raising the ire of his fellow German drivers...Blick’s longstanding Swiss motorsport correspondent Roger Benoit happened to be travelling on the same Zurich-bound flight as Vettel and Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg.

Despite being seated barely “a car’s length” apart, neither driver greeted the other or exchanged a single word during the flight.

That hardly sounds like it’s worthy of a catfight. But wait, it gets better…

It is alleged by Benoit that there exists a “clear” reason for the lack of dialogue between the pair: a few days previously, Rosberg had laid the blame squarely at Vettel’s feet for causing the famous collision with team-mate Mark Webber at the Turkish Grand Prix, and it would seem that Sebastian was none to happy with the lack of love from his German counterpart…

Meanwhile, it is also alleged that Vettel upset the applecart of Adrian Sutil after Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The Force India driver told the press that Vettel had remonstrated with the 27-year-old after the race and sarcastically enquired if his mirrors had fallen off his VJM03 car during the course of the race, such was (he felt) Sutil’s apparent uncooperative behaviour when being lapped.

It is believed that Sutil retorted: “He should be quiet. He thinks he’s a superstar.”

[Original image via DW World]

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