Andy Priaulx won comfortably from pole position in the second race of the Zolder meeting to take his third race victory in the 2010 World Touring Car Championship season.

Zolder Race 2 StartThe three-time WTCC Champion started from pole position after being initially classified as eighth overall on the road in the opening race, and it was only after this race that Jordi Gené’s first-race victory was excluded – technically meaning that the ninth-placed finisher Tom Coronel should have started from pole position with the Guernseyman alongside him.

As it was, Norbert Michelisz was the fellow-front-row starter with Priaulx, and the Hungarian fluffed the start and dropped to eighth place off the line, while the rest of the grid followed Priaulx into the first corner largely in the order that they lined up on the grid.

A train of cars comprising Priaulx, Robert Huff, Tiago Monteiro, Alain Menu, Yvan Muller and Gabriele Tarquini completed the rest of the race distance almost nose-to-tail, with none of the drivers able to find a way past the one in front.

Perhaps with a slight rush of blood, the following Augusto Farfus tried an optimistic lunge around the outside of Tarquini into Turn 1, but the Italian held his nerve and the inside line, gently easing the Brazilian into the gravel lining the outside of the corner; Farfus would rejoin in eighth place.

The man who should have started from pole position – Tom Coronel – made a Michelisz-like getaway and dropped to the back of the pack, managing to finish in 10th position by the end of the race. Hardly the result the Dutchman would have hoped for, or possibly deserved.

Race 8 Final Classification (13 laps):

  Driver   Team Result
1. Andy Priaulx RBM Team BMW 320si 21:52.091
2. Robert Huff RML Chevrolet Cruze LT + 1.049
3. Tiago Monteiro SR Sport SEAT León TDI + 1.754
4. Alain Menu RML Chevrolet Cruze LT + 2.298
5. Yvan Muller RML Chevrolet Cruze LT + 4.784
6. Gabriele Tarquini SR Sport SEAT León TDI + 5.788
7. Norbert Michelisz Zengö-Dension SEAT León TDI + 6.283
8. Augusto Farfus RBM Team BMW 320si + 6.663
9. Sergio Hernández (I) Scuderia Proteam BMW 320si + 13.491
10. Tom Coronel SR Sport SEAT León TDI + 14.810
11. Kristian Poulsen (I) Poulsen Motorsport BMW 320si + 15.063
12. Darryl O’Young (I) Bamboo Chevrolet Lacetti + 18.227
13. Stefan D’Aste (I) Scuderia Proteam BMW 320si + 18.876
14. Vincent Radermecker RML Chevrolet Cruze LT + 20.678
15. Pierre-Yves Corthals (I)   Exagon SEAT León TFSI + 23.936
16. Franz Engstler (I) Team Engstler BMW 320si + 24.353
17. Andrey Romanov (I) Team Engstler BMW 320si + 55.610
18. Fredy Barth SUNRED SEAT León TDI + 57.511
  Not Classified      
  Mehdi Bennani (I) Wiechers Sport BMW 320si 12 laps
  Michel Nykjær SUNRED SEAT León TDI 7 laps
  Harry Vaulkhard (I) Bamboo Chevrolet Lacetti 2 laps
  Jordi Gené SR Sport SEAT León TDI 0 laps

[Original images via FIA WTCC official website]

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