A group supporting road crash victims is calling for Lewis Hamilton’s Swiss driving license to be revoked.

Hamilton & Scherzinger Hot on the heels of the 2008 World Champion being formally charged by Victorian Police for his ‘hoon’ driving efforts on the weekend of the Australian Grand Prix, it would seem that Lewis’ girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, has dropped him in it again.

The Pussycat Dolls singer lead told celebrity magazine Maxim that they both remain wild behind the wheel.

“He’s like, ‘Babe, you’re driving with your knees!’ – I’m doing my makeup, changing the radio…” she said.

She also admitted that both would certainly lose their Swiss licenses if they were ever caught speeding there, and refused to divulge what speeds they actually hit.

In response to this brain-fade interview by Nicole, Swiss safety group RoadCross confirmed it has sought for a ban on Hamilton’s driving license from the Swiss Attorney-General’s office, claiming that the McLaren driver had also had a car accident while running a stop sign last year.

“Public figures should be conscious that they are role models and adopt exemplary driving behaviour,” sais a spokesperson representing the group.

It would seem that even the Swiss politicians might be put off-side by the Hamilton-Scherzinger driving show, with sitting member Pius Segmuller telling Blick newspaper: “They show an absolute lack of character. With these statements, he is a bad role model for all the young people who idolise him.”

This very much reiterates the comments made by FIA President Jean Todt, who called for drivers to lose their competition license if found guilty of a road traffic offence.


[Original image via Zimbio]

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