The old saying is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. in Ferrari’s case, when the going gets tough, Ferrari starts moaning.

Alonso gearing up to illegally pass Kubica Showing little disregard for the common conception that Ferrari has enjoyed considerable benefit of the doubt from the FIA stewards for many years, Ferrari has again reacted with fury after its second run of what it perceived to be poor decision-making of the stewards at the British Grand Prix, in the wake of the Safety Car fiasco at the preceding European Grand Prix that was found to considerably favour its rivals.

On Sunday at Silverstone, Ferrari again felt scorned enough to vent against the powers-that-be after Fernando Alonso was hit with a drive-through penalty for cutting the Club corner in overtaking Robert Kubica.

The team’s website writer Luca di Montezemelo has again seen fit – as has been the case several times this year already – to start bitching, describing as a “fact” that “decisions are taken slowly” by the F1 stewards, likening it to “Formula Lullaby”.

Due to Alonso not immediately redressing the illegal overtaking move by allowing Kubica to repass him, by the time the drive-through penalty had been meted out, the Pole’s Renault had retired and the coincidental timing of the Safety Car interruption saw the Spaniard tumble to the rear of the field.

Had a directive been issued earlier, the team claims, Alonso would have redressed the position, but it justified this by claiming that Kubica’s Renault had fallen too far behind as it was slowing with its own technical problems that would cause its retirement.

It seems that the writer’s “source of truth” would be the ever-patriotic Italian sport’s daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport, which railed in an article that the stewards “always penalise in one direction.”

Again, need we cite the litany of stewards’ decisions that have fallen in Ferrari’s favour over the years!

“There remains the suspicion that too often, when it concerns a grey area in the rules, those rules are dealt with according to who is to be penalised,” writes the paper’s Umberto Zapelloni.

Also citing an article in Il Giornale, the Ferrari writer described “a race director and stewards who are legitimised to do what they want”.

However, the entire website rant is based completely on lies!

Charlie Whiting FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting (pictured left) has hit back at Ferrari’s claims about the timing of the decisions meted out by the stewards – a panel that included former World Champion and Ferrari driver (we will not hesitate to add!), Nigel Mansell – for on-track incidents.

The Briton has hosed the fames Ferrari is furiously fanning, and said that he immediately advised Ferrari that Alonso should cede the position to Kubica.

Speaking with Italy’s Autosprint, Whiting said: “On the radio, I suggested to them that if they exchange position again, there would be no need for the stewards to intervene.

“We told Ferrari three times that in my opinion they should give the position back to Kubica,” he added.

“And we told them that immediately, right after the overtaking manoeuvre. But they didn’t do that and on the third communication they said that Kubica was by then too far back to let him regain the position.”

Fascinating! Would it be remiss to think that Ferrari will be slapped with FIA sanctions for their misleading of the public?

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