It seems everyone has an opinion on the Red Bull “Wing-Gate” fiasco, but the one of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen certainly warrants sharing!

According to the Dutchman, the team escaped lightly with Mark Webber’s reaction to being stripped of the updated front wing just moments before British Grand Prix Red Bull Front Wingqualifying.

The Australian was still seething about the decision the following day and – despite winning the race by dint of an impressive drive (and some rough-housing with team-mate Sebastian Vettel at the first corner), he likened his drive over the radio as “not bad for a number two driver”, a comment broadcast to millions of TV viewers.

Writing for his column in De Telegraaf newspaper, Verstappen wrote: “It gave a clear indication that the limit had been passed. He obviously knew that a comment like that would have much more impact than if he had taken up the issue only internally.”

Verstappen – who was a number-two driver to Michael Schumacher in his debut F1 season with Benetton in 1994 – said he wouldn’t know how to react if he were in Webber’s shoes, but admits he would have been furious with the decision.

“Mark felt poorly treated by the team leadership, and I can fully understand his anger,” Verstappen wrote. “By doing this, the management was asking for trouble.

“I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted in Webber’s shoes. I probably would have trodden on the wing; if I’m not allowed to use it, then neither can he!”

Indeed, Jos!

[Original image via Sutton Images]

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