Who Do You Think You Are… Michael Schumacher? by Ian Stafford
Who Do You Think You Are, Michael SchumacherPaperback, © 2005 Ebury Press, ISBN 009190160X

British sports journalist Ian Stafford – a man who has kicked footballs, played golf, sprinted, rowed and wrestled with the finest sportspeople in the world – is, in his eyes, a supreme driver.

However, this is certainly not the case from his wife’s perspective…

After one too many jibes and derogatory comparisons with a certain multiple World Champion F1 driver, Stafford sets out to prove that he is pretty hot stuff behind the steering wheel.

Setting himself the challenge of racing against none other than Michael Schumacher, Stafford’s book follows a hilarious trail of crashes, failures and embarrassments in the esteemed company of professional drivers and high-profile celebrities. To drop a few names: the likes of Jack Brabham, Chris Amon, Jenson Button, Juan Pablo Montoya and even George Clooney make appearances.

With each passing interview and experience, Stafford’s misgivings about his quest grow all the more threatening in his eyes. Just will he get the chance to compete against one of the world’s finest drivers, or will he sink without trace?

Stafford’s writing style is extremely engaging, and this is a Formula 1 book that stands out from the rest with it being one of the few written with a fan’s perspective in mind. It is very humorous, and some of the antics he gets up to had me laughing as I read it.

What is disappointing – and at points, annoying – about the book is that it really needed a good editor to go through it before publication. Stafford is not a Formula 1 buff, and it shows with some glaringly obvious typos in his writing. Dates of championship achievements (such as Schumacher’s first Ferrari championship being written as happening in 2001, when it was in 2000), or the spelling of team names being completely wrong are just a few, and in certain sections of the book it becomes frustrating.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Who Do You Think You Are… Michael Schumacher?


Who Do You Think You Are… Michael Schumacher? is available via selected motorsport retailers and Amazon.

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