Codemasters® highly-anticipated F1 2010™ – the first multi-format high-definition F1 videogame under its exclusive agreement with Formula One Administration – is just a month away from hitting the retail stands, it is set to be one of the most important F1 videogames since Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4.

F1 2010 CoverComplete with all the drivers, teams and tracks featuring in the current 2010 Formula One World Championship, F1 2010 will immerse gamers in the excitement and glamour of the best motorsport championship in the world, from the paddock to the circuit.

Devoped with Codemasters’ EGO™ Technology Platform, the game is set to deliver an unparallelled gaming experience, with cutting edge graphics, integrated network play capabilities and some of the most advanced physics systems seen in video gaming to-date.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • All the stars in their beautiful cars: Fully-licensed as an official Formula 1 product, F1 2010 features all of the drivers and teams in this year’s world championship. But there’s more to the game than just the racing. From within the paddock and the team garages, everything is viewed from the driver’s perspective, and you will be part of building the excitement over a complete race weekend. Players interact with rival teams, drivers, team members, the press and fans alike, and all will affect how the game pans out. A particular feature we’re looking forward to seeing is how you can use the media to encourage them to progress, or to pressure your rivals…
  • Every circuit in its glory: Games can race wheel-to-wheel on all of the 19 circuits on this year’s calendar (even if Korea doesn’t go ahead!), and each is modelled to the most minute detail.
  • Circuit de Catalunya Screen ShotSet up the car to your liking: F1 2010 caters for the casual to the die-hard fan, and offers an enormous scope of difficulty levels to cater for games of all skills. Players can manipulate a host of car set-up variables to suit their driving style and improve their performance by every last tenth of a second. Alternatively, you can leave it up to your engineer to do the set-up legwork for!
  • Fully dynamic weather: F1 2010 features the most advanced weather system in any racing game in history. Affecting strategy and performance and delivering the F1 2010 Screen Shot Wet Weather best graphics around, Codemasters’ ‘Active Track’ technology means the changes in each track’s surface will be calculated to every 30 centimetres, ever lap, meaning that your grip will be affected by your tyre wear and the changing conditions all the time. Adapt your driving style to hunt for more grip, search for cooling puddles of water to keep your wet tyres going, or head to the pits to change them – it’s all your call.
  • Authentic conditions and gameplay: Using its exclusive license with Formula One Management to full effect means that the designers have had an unprecedented level of access to team professionals, including engineers, mechanics and drivers. The simulation experience is designed to be as ‘real-world’ as possible, with onboard telemetry, precisely-modelled cars and great rival-driver AI.
  • Map out your F1 career: It wouldn’t be a proper simulation without a ‘Career Mode’, and Codemasters have well and truly delivered with one of the most comprehensive career-mapping aspects of gameplay you will see. Whether you wish to start at the Pit Lane Screen Shot bottom of the rung and build a career, or build a dynasty with your chosen team, you will be able to take up the challenge. Compete with your team-mate to become the chosen driver in the squad; shape the car’s development with your performance; battle it out with your rivals on the track, but make sure you keep it clean as the media will bay for your blood…

Cockpit Screen Shot   F1 2010 Screen Shot

F1 2010™ launches on September 24 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and can be pre-ordered now at the official store. Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date via the game’s official website or via its Facebook page.

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