Former FIA President Max Mosley believes that Ferrari should receive a significant sporting sanction for its alleged breach of the team order rules at the German Grand Max MosleyPrix.

With race-leader Felipe Massa seemingly forced to relinquish a potential race-winning position to team-mate Fernando Alonso, Mosley has told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that “both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved” from that weekend.

“On the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine,” the 70-year-old added.

Mosley went on to add that, while “most teams” would no doubt favour a reversal of ban on the team orders that came into effect after the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix scandal – where Rubens Barrichello ceded the win to Ferrari team-mate Michael Schumacher – he said that the rule came into place to “meet the needs of millions of fans”.

For the sake of the sport’s credibility, Max argued: “In the event that [team orders are] brought into play, we have to impose a severe punishment.”

You can read more on our opinion on the team orders scandal here.

[Original image via The Guardian]

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