The BBC has lost a legal submission made to London’s High Court to block theThe Stig publication of a book that would confirm the identity of Top Gear’s tame racing driver, The Stig.

The Court refused to grant the broadcaster an injunction that would prevent HarperCollins publishing an autobiography of former Formula 3 driver Ben Collins, who is widely rumoured to play the white-suited driver on the TV show.

With the case taking place under a media blackout, the BBC’s lawyers had argued that the book’s publication would breach confidentiality agreements, and maintained that unmasking the Stig’s identity would spoil viewer enjoyment of the show.

The show’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, attacked the publisher and described that as “a bunch of chancers […] hoping to cash in on it”.

In turn HarperCollins has vigorously defended its so-called right to publish the book, and the court sided with the publisher.

Top Gear presenter James May has tried to make light of the situation, and told BBC London when the decision was handed down: “Obviously I’m now going to have to take some legal action of my own, because I have been the Stig for the past seven years, and I don’t know who this bloke is, who’s mincing around in the High Court pretending it’s him.”

[Original image via WA Today]

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