The World According to Clarkson, by Jeremy Clarkson
The World According to Clarkson Paperback, © 2004 Penguin Books, ISBN 9780141017891

Fans of Top Gear will find Jeremy Clarkson truly hilarious and enlightening. Those who aren’t fans of his might find him boorish and very politically incorrect.

Yet these two sides to him form the the paradox that is Jeremy Clarkson, and it certainly goes a long way to explaining why he polarises public opinion so much.

The World According to Clarkson is the first in a series of books that comprise a selection of his columns from The Sunday Times, and this collection – spanning 2001 to 2003 – contains a series of erudite observations covering a range of everyday and obscure topics.

Hot topics such as environmental protection, urban development, the European Union, Tony Blair’s prime ministership. What was particularly interesting for me is that – written around the 9/11 terrorist attacks – he formed an early view (certainly contrary to the greater population) that the UK’s involvement in the Middle East would amount to no good.

With Clarkson being a huge supporter of innovation, technology and development, there was one subject completely missing from the book: any specific discussion about cars.

These columns were very much a platform for Clarkson to discuss all non-car related matters.

And he does this well. With a dry and entertaining style, you might take umbrage with what he writes, but it’s difficult to fault what are intelligent and convincing observations written with wit. Here is someone who certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award The World According to Clarkson…

The World According to Clarkson is available at Penguin Books.

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