Ferrari 458 Italia

Fire is often symbolic for passion, but Ferrari seem to have taken this to another level, being forced into a global recall of its latest 458 Italia model after a spate of fiery incidents around the world. Over 1,200 have been sold globally.

The issue – which Ferrari’s head office is laughably describing as “thermal incidents” – has seen nine of the hugely expensive cars written off in the last 90 days after the cars caught fire.

The fault has been traced to an adhesive used in the 458’s wheel arch assembly.

”When the car is driven to high exhaust temperatures, in hot ambient temperatures, the adhesive used in the wheel-arch assemblies can overheat and allow the rear wheel housing heat shields to move around. In extreme cases, the glue can begin to smoke and even catch fire,” a Ferrari source told Autocar.

The repairs will see the wheel arch liners fixed more securely, and the unfortunate owners whose 458s have been wrecked will have their cars replaced at no cost.

Photographs of burnt-out 458s have been taken from as far afield as China, Switzerland and the United States, with the first incident occurring in Paris when the driver noticed one of his wheels had caught fire.

[Original images via zCars and Telegraph]

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