While the results from the Belgian Grand Prix cannot be overturned, the FIA has launched an investigation into why Felipe Massa was able to start the race having significantly overshot his grid slot without it being noticed at the time.

Felipe Massa was fortunate to escape penalty for a grid infringement that no one noticed We wrote of the amateur footage that appeared on YouTube just days after the race that showed Massa substantially overshooting his grid slot. This was an issue picked up by BBC commentator Martin Brundle, but it seems that no official not rival team notified the race director, Charlie Whiting, of this error.

Massa’s incorrect positioning on the grid is a theoretical breach of the race rules, but with no notice being given to the Whiting – and with the electronic systems in place on the grid strangely failing to detect the error either – no further action could be taken.

Although Massa managed to avoid a jump-start penalty or any retroactive change to the race results – matter that Ferrari would no doubt vocally protest – the FIA has promised to look into why the matter was not picked up at the time.

“The problem was not brought to the attention of the FIA race director by either the marshals nor the automatic jump start system in time to be able to apply the appropriate penalty for jump starts,” an FIA spokeswoman said.

“As no further information or complaints were received before the publication of the official result on Sunday night, the classification of the Belgian Grand Prix will now remain unchanged.

“The FIA are (sic) investigating the causes of the apparent failures in communication with race control in order to ensure a repetition is not possible."

[Original image via GP Update]

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