Richard Hammond’s Car Confidential, by Richard Hammond 
Hardcover, © 2007 Orion Publishing Group, ISBN 9780297844458

Car ConfidentialTop Gear co-host Richard Hammond is a bona-fide car junkie, and he has produced this great little tongue-in-cheek gem for your entertainment.

This is a great book for anyone with even a casual interest in cars. Covering topics such as road manners, tricks on buying a car, the seven stages of driving, classifying motorists, tips on customising your wagon, appropriate road rage behaviours and even what type of hearse you should use on your ‘final ride’, this book provides plenty of titbits for the reader to enjoy.

Hammond also includes plenty of top-ten features, for a book of this kind wouldn’t be complete without them. Our particular favourites were the top-ten noble failures in motoring design, amazing roads and mad motorsport moments.

Compiling the odd, the bad, the crazy and the utterly ridiculous, this is a very funny compendium that will appeal to many readers. Fans of Top Gear will be very familiar with Hammond’s presentation style, and the book reads very similarly to this.

The book is light and fun, and it doesn’t require its reader to have any substantial automotive knowledge. Perhaps it could have offered more in the way of content, but ultimately it serves its purpose and doesn’t overburden the reader.

Above all, the book is beautifully presented – great pictures support an excellent layout – and represents very good value as a book purchase.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Richard Hammond’s Car Confidential…

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Richard Hammond’s Car Confidential is available at Orion Books.

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