Memories of James Hunt, by Christopher Hilton 
Hardcover, © 2006 Haynes Publishing, ISBN 9781844252152

Memories of James Hunt Despite it being 17 years since the sudden and tragic death of James Hunt – 1976 World Champion and former F1 commentator alongside Murray Walker – he remains one of the most charismatic and complex figures to have graced the F1 grid.

Memories of James Hunt – Christopher Hilton’s second instalment in a series that examines recollections of former F1 drivers – provides an intimate portrait put together in a series of interviews conducted by Hilton, who asked: “What were your strongest memories of him?”.

Such an open question put to a host of people who knew him well – and not just those who knew him within motorsport circles – reveals an incredible array of insights and previously unknown information about this very interesting man.

That Hunt had a drinking and drugs problem has certainly been well chronicled in the years before and following his death. What was less well known was the man behind the brash exterior – that a man who would turn up to black-tie functions in ripped jeans and flip-flop sandals was so beset by his internal demons – is what really makes his book meaty for the reader.

A project of creating this book was certainly neither easy nor quick, but Hilton has somehow managed to secure interviews with a host of people who knew Hunt well, and his manner also allowed these people to open up about their times with him.

This is a very touching, insightful, fascinating and poignant read, and one that is highly recommended.

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Memories of James Hunt was obtained from Melbourne Sports Books and is available at Amazon.

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