Williams chairman Adam Parr has reportedly made a few inflammatory comments in the United States press about the current grid size, saying that he would be perfectly happy if the grid reduced back to ten teams by dint of a couple of struggling outfits collapsing.

In the wake of the FIA’s decision not to grant the vacant thirteenth team slot to either the Villeneuve/Durango concern or the Epsilon Euskadi outfit, Parr was quoted by Texas’ American Statesman newspaper as saying: “I don’t think we should have thirteen [teams].

“I think that twelve is a maximum and personally I think we should have a maximum of ten teams,” he added, perhaps referring to ongoing rumours about the financial Adam Parrhealth of several outfits on the current grid.

“I think it’s a very real possibility that we could lose a couple of teams,” he said. “Part of the evolution of formula one is that teams come in and they go. Since 1970 we’ve lost, I think, 55 teams. It’s sort of a brutal competition and not everyone makes it.

“If things fall out so that we have 10 teams competing next year, personally I think that would be just fine,” he said.

What’s wrong, Mr Parr, don’t you want to beat a few extra teams along the way?

[Original image via AUTOSPORT]

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