F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has launched a withering attack on the sport’s team principals, claiming they should spend more effort on improving their teams than trying Bernie Ecclestone to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating the sport’s rules in their favour.

Describing their behaviour as acts of “stupidity” rather than it being ego-driven, Ecclestone also feels that the teams fail to appreciate the more global side of the sport in their quest for victory.

In an interview with the official formula 1 website, the 79-year-old said: “They should probably all see that they run their own businesses properly and not worry about others’.

“What is good for Formula 1 is good for everybody involved – teams and companies. Too many people only think about what is good for them. It’s the same with the rules – they only think about what can make them win.”

The 2010 season has been highlighted by a technical ‘arms race’ between the front-running teams, with concepts such as the ‘F-duct’ and blown diffuser being furiously developed in order to eke out an advantage over other outfits.

“If they get an advantage because somebody designs a better car or they have a better driver or strategy, then super. But they should not try to devise things so that they can go in knowing that they have an advantage,” Ecclestone added.

“Lots of them would like to go in and have a little bit of a bigger engine than the others, which is not really the way to go.”

[Original image via Auto Blog]

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