Perhaps he has heard about Flavio Briatore’s plans to return to F1 in three years time?

Max Mosley In any respect, Italian reports are claiming that former FIA President Max Mosley is planning to stage a comeback to Formula 1.

Italy’s generally accurate is claiming that the 70-year-old Briton, who headed the sport’s governing authority for 16 years until 2009, may be secretly plotting to destabilise the power currently enjoyed by the newly-elected Jean Todt.

Mosley is still an FIA member, and the issue is believed to come to a head at the group’s next general meeting on November 5 where it is suggested that Mosley will propose a raft of rule changes, being unhappy with the direction that Todt is wanting to take the sport.

“You can always expect anything from a man like him,” said the report of Mosley, who in his latter years of presidency was a largely unpopular figure in the F1 paddock, with many complaining that he ruled in a dictatorial manner.

One close ally of Mosley’s is Bernie Ecclestone, who recently praised the former figurehead in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

“[Max] would have been a very good prime minister. Max would’ve been ideal. He would know how to handle things. Max had an awful lot going for him. Maybe people thought he was too clever,” Bernie said.

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