Some members of the Formula 1 grid have expressed concerns over the safety of the Is the Korean circuit's pit entry unsafe? pit entry at the Korean International Circuit after having their first opportunity to sample the circuit in real-life.

The present circuit design sees cars slow midway through the high-speed, narrow final corner to enter the pits, which has prompted some drivers to raise fears of a collision between a driver choosing to pit being collected by one on the racing line who is not pitting.

Fans may recall the spectacular accident at the 1992 Portuguese Grand Prix between Gerhard Berger and Riccardo Patrese, where Patrese’s car somesaulted over the back of Berger’s pit-bound McLaren.

We certain;y don’t want a repeat of this!

Championship contender Sebastian Vettel was one such driver to raise concerns about pit entry, and described it as “quite on the edge” of safety.

“It is blind [at its entry], you cannot see if someone goes in and they have to go slower than someone who stays out,” he said. “Especially if you are behind someone trying to pass and he chooses to pit it could be difficult.”

Mercedes GP driver Nico Rosberg believes that better marshalling arrangements through the final section of corners will help improve safety in the entire section.

However, his team-mate Michael Schumacher doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“I think we have plenty of race tracks where we could talk about those subjects,” the seven-time World Champion said. “I don’t see anything on the entry and on the exit you must have two very unusual coincidences to be happening, but in the end it is much less harmless than some drivers have been mentioning.”

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