The F1 drivers will wake up this morning in Korea to find that the FIA and event organisers have moved swiftly to counter concerns raised about potential trouble spots on the Hermann Tilke-designed circuit.

The FIA's Charlie Whiting inspects the final corner While the drivers have mostly sung their praises for the new track, they have raised concerns about certain sections of the circuit in a meeting with FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

Concerns were raised about the positioning of the pit entry, Turns 16 and 18, in particular.

The FIA has responded by agreeing to move the white line marking the pit lane entry, which will allow drivers to approach the pit entry at greater speed and sweep across to it at the last moment of they are pit-bound.

Turn 16 has also come under close attention, with the apex kerbing being raised above the track surface in a bid to prevent cars bottoming out as they cut the corner.

The exit wall for the corner is also being re-profiled and moved back away from the circuit edge to make it safer.

Organisers have also built a higher kerbing apex at Turn 18, which was frequently being short-cut by drivers who would drag copious amounts of stones and debris on to the track surface.

The FIA has also agreed that the track surface will be extensively cleaned overnight to try and get rid of some of the dust dragged onto the circuit by drivers who ventured off-road.

[Original image via AUTOSPORT]

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